Secondary sports wrap 1 March 2019 - Glasshouse Christian College

Secondary sports wrap 1 March 2019

  • February 27, 2019

Secondary sports wrap 1 March 2019

District Swimming Carnival:  On Thursday 21 February, the independent district held its first twilight swimming carnival. A team of GCC’s best swimmers represented us at the event held at the Sunshine Coast Grammar Schools aquatic center.

Joshua Collins put in an impressive effort in the pool to finish 2nd this year in line for the age champion award. Just two points behind the winner. Joshua finished 1st in 50m breast stroke and 2nd in four of the other races he entered. This is a fantastic achievement. Jaymes Roser also gets a special mention for finishing 1st in the 50m breaststroke as well as a 2nd and a 3rd placing.

Other swimmers involved in the day’s events from GCC were Mia Andreasson, Harrison Brannigan, Kate Briggs, Alexander Chidgey, Ella Childs, Tate Doneathy, Chloe Dunford, Cassidy Ferris, Liam Hallink, Chelsea Lewis, Indiah Loveday, Bryce Lowry, Declan Martin, Harry McCaughey, Molly McCaughey, Joshua McKellar, Olivia McKenzie, Nicole Morris, Ethan Palmer, Baylee Paterson, Amity Roser, Bailey Rossborough, Madeleine Roulston, Scott Roy and Kiona Scott.

Congratulations to all students who represented our school at this event.  All swimmers gave their best effort and many competed in multiple events throughout the day. GCC finished in 8th place overall, ahead of Nambour Christian College and just behind Suncoast Christian College on points.

Congratulations to Joshua Collins, Jaymes Roser and Liam Hallink on their selection to compete at the upcoming regional trials.

GCC District Swimming 1st, 2nd, 3rd placings

Joshua Collins

1st 50m Breaststroke

2nd 50m Backstroke

2nd 100m Freestyle

2nd 50m Butterfly

2nd 50m Freestyle

Jaymes Roser

1st 50m Breaststroke

2nd 50m Freestyle

3rd 100m Freestyle

James Roser in action from lane 3.
Joshua Collins gets off the blocks quickly from lane 5.

Independent District Sport selections

Congratulations to the following GCC students who have been selected to participate in the upcoming regional trials. These students will represent the Independent district against other Sunshine Coast districts.

16-19 Boys Volleyball
Aiden McKellar and Patrick McKenzie (medical exemption).

13-15 Girls Volleyball
Olivia McKenzie and Olivia Ellis

16-19 Girls Volleyball
Maddie Roulston, Amity Roser and Sophie Trevan

17-19 Boys Soccer
Bakani Kombanie

15 Boys Volleyball
Mason White, Laurence Souter, Connor Knapp, Arno Mens, Daemon Cruise, Lincoln McKenzie and Thomas Bound.

15 Girls Touch Football
Gracie Ciantar, Madison Newsome, Kiara Newsome and Lilli-Jean Cruise.

13-16 Boys Soccer
Declan Martin and Ryan Kossen

13-15 Girls Soccer
Kirra-Leigh Crouch, Nicole Morris and Chelsea Breen.

16-18 Touch Football
Sophie Trevan

Secondary sports awards details

This year the sports awards evening will be held in late October. A guest speaker has not yet been confirmed so please contact Mr Beattie via email should you have any family contacts of a famous sports person. At the evening a wide range of sporting awards will be given to those students that have represented GCC throughout the year.

The individual secondary awards are listed as follows…

  • MVP trophy awarded to a best player for every team involved in a long term competition; Touch Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball and Rugby 7s.
  • Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics age champion awards.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are given based on a points system. Sportspersons gain points for; representative sport at district, regional, state and national level as well as for, breaking school records and achieving age champion at GCC and district carnivals.
  • Those students who achieve the highest number of points gain the sportsperson of the year award. This year we will again have a male and female recipient from Primary, Middle and Senior school.

Sunshine Coast Secondary School Netball competition

An amazing start to the GCC netball season in the Sunshine Coast School netball competition. The Falcons played incredibly well as a team with excellent attack and defence throughout the game to win 16 to 4 against St Andrews. Adelie Tomokino was named MVP for the match. The Hawks went on court with some apprehension up against PLC, yet came out strong with excellent attack and some impenetrable defence, earning them a win 23 to 13! MVP was awarded to Olivia Ellis who was absolutely stunning in defence! The Eagles senior team had a bye this week. Whilst the wins this week have certainly bolstered the GCC netball team’s confidence in themselves, the key to their amazing success was their great team spirit and support of each other. Awesome work GCC netball girls!

Jade King

SCISSA Volleyball

Max Cashin loads up a powerful serve for the Year 7 boys.

The GCC volleyball teams have got away to an amazing start to the SCISSA season with 25 wins from 26 games. Our Year 7 teams are very new to the game, so there is still plenty of room for improvement and the development of skills. Aside from regular training sessions, players are encouraged to borrow a ball at break times and continue to practice serving and game skills. It is exciting to see our teams doing so well and all players enjoying themselves.

The Year 9 girls were not the only GCC team to make it two wins from two games.

Round 2

Junior Girls A;  GCC defeated Good Shepherd LC 2-0. Best Lainey Grieve.
Junior Girls B2; GCC defeated Suncoast CC 2-1. Best Indiah Loveday.
Junior Girls B1; GCC defeated Good Shepherd LC by forfeit.
Junior Boys A; GCC defeated Suncoast CC 2-0. Best Macauley King.
Junior Boys B; GCC defeated Good Shepherd LC 2-0. Best Harry McCaughey.
Intermediate Boys A; defeated Good Shepherd LC 2-0. Best Riley McMillan.
Intermediate Girls A; defeated Immanuel LC 2-0. Best Tiana Sambrook.
Intermediate Girls A; defeated Good Shepherd LC 2-1. Best Ellie Thompson.
Intermediate Girls B; defeated Nambour CC 2-0. Best Indiana Gosbell.
Intermediate Girls B; defeated St Andrews AC 2-0. Best Indiana Gosbell.

Amy Trevan jumps high to make the spike.
Indiana Gosbell’s serving kept the opposition guessing.

Round 3

Junior Girls A; GCC defeated Matthew Flinders 2-0. Best Renea Stevens.
Junior Girls B2; GCC defeated Matthew Flinders 2-1. Best Sienna Paterson.
Junior Girls B1; GCC lost to St Andrews AC 0-2. Best Lateisha Aldridge.
Junior Boys A; GCC defeated St Andrews AC 2-0. Team effort.
Junior Boys B; GCC defeated Pacific LC 2-0. Best Max Cashin.
Intermediate Boys A; GCC defeated Immanuel LC 2-0. Best Jacob Broderick.
Intermediate Boys B; GCC defeated Suncoast 2-0. Best Lincoln McKenzie

Coaches comments:  The intermediate boys B were behind in the 1st set before Lincoln McKenzie served 8 in a row to get us back in front and then in the 2nd set he served over 10 straight serves, many unreturned, to give us the match. Jack James has slotted into the team well as a gun setter.

Intermediate Girls A; GCC defeated Good Shepherd 2-1. Best Zara Boxsell.
Intermediate Girls B; GCC defeated Matthew Flinders 2-0. Best Gracie Ciantar.


Round 1
Senior boys
GCC draw with PLC 1-1.

Coaches comments: Things were not looking good for the GCC 11/12 Boys Soccer Team. They were up against last year’s SCISSA champions PLC, playing on their home ground, with only nine players (two of them Year 9 boys – Stephen Humphries and Max Veit). Yet, despite this, GCC showed the type of guts, grit and determination expected from Coach Modlin. At halftime, we were up 1-0 after a superb build up play from the skeleton midfield of Ryan Kossen and finished off by Bakani Kombanie. River, Christian and Zac played three positions each and virtually had to be carried off after the game. We conceded a late goal in the last four minutes of the game. We even had a chance to win the game when Coby Schmeichel, after playing against four players the whole game, had a shot blocked by the keeper and a left foot shot just go wide in the last two minutes. Dom was again resolute in goal and played as an extra player on the field numerous times. The gutsiest 1-1 draw in the history of GCC SCISSA Soccer. Our Grand Final hopes are still alive.

Russell Modlin.

Round 2
Senior boys
GCC lost to MFAC 1-2. Best River Richard-Williamson.

The GCC Cross Country Carnival will be held on Friday 22 March in Week 8 of Term 1. All students will be expected to participate in this event and for those willing to prepare themselves, training sessions will be held at 7:30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from Week 6 onwards. Three sessions will be held on carnival day with Primary participating in the morning, Senior in the middle session and Middle School in the afternoon. More information will come out closer to the event. In the meantime students are advised to improve their cardiovascular fitness in preparation. Three sessions a week is advised and this can be done by attending training sessions, utilising the cardio equipment in the new school gym or by simply going for a run in your own time.

Matthew Beattie, Head of PE and Sport

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