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Learning Spotlight on the Primary Classroom

  • April 27, 2023

Learning Spotlight on the Primary Classroom

Today I am going to put a spotlight on the Mathematics teaching in our Lower Primary Years.

At Glasshouse Christian College in the early years of primary education, we use hands-on materials in maths instruction to support students’ learning and help them develop a strong understanding of mathematical concepts.

Our approach to hands-on maths instruction is rooted in research that has shown that using concrete materials can help children develop a deeper understanding of mathematics concepts. By physically manipulating materials, children can see, touch, and explore maths concepts, which can lead to more meaningful and lasting learning.

In our classrooms, we use a variety of hands-on materials to support maths learning, including blocks, manipulatives, and games. For example, our students use pattern blocks to learn about geometry and spatial relationships, and they use counting bears to develop number sense and practice basic facts. We also use games and activities that involve hands-on learning to make maths more engaging and fun for our students. For example, our students might play a game where they roll dice and use counters to practice addition, subtraction, grouping, or sharing.

Not only is this approach to mathematics teaching engaging and fun, hands-on maths instruction is also inclusive and allows for differentiation to meet the needs of all learners. For students who have difficulty grasping different maths concepts, hands-on materials can provide a concrete way to understand and apply these concepts. For students who are more advanced, hands-on materials can be used to extend their learning and challenge them to think creatively and critically about maths concepts.

At Glasshouse Christian College, we believe that hands-on maths instruction is an effective way to support our students’ learning and help them develop a strong foundation in maths. By using a variety of hands-on materials and activities, we can make mathematics more engaging, inclusive, and fun for all of our students.

Sarah Jennings, Primary Curriculum Coordinator

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