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Important update on GCC building construction

  • March 22, 2018

Important update on GCC building construction

Back in February I spoke about some of the traffic changes that would soon be happening as a result of the building construction. Those changes are now imminent so I am giving you an update on how the building construction will impact you. 

During the holidays construction will begin on:

  • Stage 1 of the Performing Arts Complex which is the Music Block.
  • Sports Centre on the oval.

Construction will also continue on the new oval which has been delayed due to the heavy rain.

These building projects mean:

  • Construction of the Music building will completely block the ring road.
  • The western carpark will not be able to be used as it will be covered in construction and building works.
  • The current entrance to the College will only be used for deliveries and some staff carparking.
  • The central College exit will become the new College entrance.
  • All traffic will leave the College via the Eastern exit (where the boomgate currently exists)
  • The first right hand corner leading on to the main exit road (near the Prep) will be widened.
  • The church carpark will be accessed via the left hand turn off off the new central entrance road.
  • Cars will enter and exit from the same point on the church car park entrance (that is the main carpark adjacent to the church entrance).
  • During the construction of the sports centre, the back entrance will be closed. This is expected to take all of Term 2 and most of Term 3.

These are the changes that we are expecting for the start of Term 2 but we will ensure everyone is fully informed of these changes when they take effect.

To assist with parking and traffic flow the College will:

  • Build a new carpark between the current Admin and Uniform Shop which will accommodate approximately 25 cars.
  • Build another carpark on the far eastern side of the College but please note that this occurs during the second stage of construction.
  • To accommodate the change to the central entrance the road will be widened and a slip lane put in so that other traffic will be able to pass. This will be a left turn only.
  • The signs will be moved to the new central entrance.
  • There will be some widening of the western access.
  • As much as possible significant road work will happen during the school holidays.

To assist with parking and traffic flow we are asking you to:

  • Please obey all of the rules and directives.
  • Be courteous and patient towards other drivers.
  • Be even more aware of children during pick up and drop off as they adjust to the new procedures and campus layout. Little ones in particular may find it difficult to concentrate on cars when there is so much excitement happening around them.
  • Pay particular attention to emails and text messages from the College as traffic conditions may change from day to day.
  • Remember it is temporary pain for long term gain. Role model good attitudes for your children and share the excitement about the new opportunities they will have when each stage is completed.
  • For those who can – encourage walking or riding to school and don’t forget our great bus services.

I know the time ahead will be difficult for everyone but it will be very much a case of short term pain for long term gain. The result will be a more attractive and spacious campus for all students. I will keep you informed on an ongoing basis as you share this journey with us.

Bus Shelter

The wait for the bus shelter on Roberts Road to the east of the central exit has been a long and frustrating one. While the building approval from council is now imminent there will be a delay as the posts and roof are fabricated. This will probably take the best part of next term so I am expecting no further progress on this until next term. The fact that we are building outside of our own land has complicated matters somewhat, as you can expect.

I would like to thank our school community and particularly our students for their patience. I am very much looking forward to the day when our 80-metre shelter will be built.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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