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What’s the Big Deal about Jesus?

  • March 22, 2018

What’s the Big Deal about Jesus?

This term we have been having a great time in Primary chapels taking on the role of detectives to solve the mystery – “What’s the Big Deal about Jesus?”

The pastors have been busy finding clues around the school, on the top of a mountain, and even underwater. However, all of these clues have been pointing us back to the Bible, specifically to investigate the Gospel of Luke.

What we’ve discovered about Jesus this term is that from the mission given to him before he was even born, his amazing entrance into the world, and to his adult life teaching, healing and performing miracles, Jesus certainly knew how to draw attention. Everybody that came into contact with Jesus walked away a different person. Prophets expectantly waited for him to be born. Religious experts were surprised and offended by his teaching. Crowds followed his movements. People opened roofs to get to him. Certainly nobody in his time dismissed him as just another person. People had divided opinions of him, and the same can be said today.

Easter is soon upon us, and this presents a chance for all of us to take a look at Jesus and decide for ourselves if Jesus will indeed be a big deal in our own lives.

Pastor Jocelyn Carolissen

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