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Illustrator/Designer inspires student creativity

  • May 13, 2021

Illustrator/Designer inspires student creativity

Earlier this term, our Year 9, Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Arts students had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with Lance Balchin, an accomplished designer/illustrator. Lance shared his design experiences and expertise with our students and presented workshops, demonstrating creative techniques and design tools. Our students were inspired by the art and illustrations that appear in Lance’s books and even more so once they met the designer/illustrator in person!

Lance Balchin has been working in the creative space for over 20 years. His talent with design and illustration has resulted in the wonderful world and work of Mechanica. The students and staff who attended the workshops were impressed by Lance’s talent and his generous sharing of ideas, tools and resources. Students were excited to be shown tools that enable them to create their own ‘characters’ within Adobe Photoshop and were inspired to put their energy and effort into creating after viewing the work Lance has produced in his books Mechanica, Aquatica and Jurassica.

The opportunity to have Lance work with our students and inspire them to create something new was wonderful and well-received. These reflections from some of the students highlight the enjoyment of this great learning experience.

I was inspired by his determination to finish his books and enjoy his ideas as well as not being afraid of changing it completely. Aneisha – Year 11

I was inspired by how Lance Balchin was able to represent animals in/with different objects and parts. I was inspired by his unstoppable want and drive to create, and his determination.  Jemma – Year 11

I was inspired by how Lance Balchin was able to turn a shape into anything, he used his imagination to create things that people wouldn’t think of with everyday objects.  Regan – Year 9

I was inspired by how Lance Balchin uses everyday objects to create such beautiful pieces of work.  Mia – Year 9

I learnt that there are many ways you can express art: on canvas, linen, online and through picture books. I was inspired to explore other mediums in the future.  Angelique – Year 12

I learnt that you don’t have to know what style of art you want to do straight away, you can try all sorts of things before you decide.  Aneisha – Year 11

I learnt how to use photoshop and change mechanical pieces into different animals. Tyler – Year 9

We look forward to our students working with other illustrators and designers in the future and seeing them being further inspired and empowered to showcase their own creations.

Beryl Morris, Secondary Teacher Librarian and Marieka Hazzard, Secondary Visual Arts Teacher

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here and here.

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