GirlGamers - eSports event - Glasshouse Christian College

GirlGamers – eSports event

  • September 8, 2022

GirlGamers – eSports event

What a day! 

Last Wednesday, nine of our Year 5-8 young ladies competed in ‘The Fuse Cup – Girl Gamers’ event.

The event was held at Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast and saw around 70 girls from around the state come together to compete against each other at MarioCart. 

The focus of the event centred around cybersafety and how to stay safe online – the guest speaker highlighted some of the unique issues facing girls growing up in a social media-obsessed world. Image-based abuse was a topic of note, and it was great to see their value as young ladies being highlighted.   

There were 14 ‘Mushroom Cup’ Grand Prix heats that were run in the morning session, and 6 of our students placed first or second – pulling them through to the second round.

The students who progressed then competed in the Time Trials which levelled the field. Unfortunately, our students were squeezed out of the race at this point by a few milliseconds.

Great sportsmanship was encouraged throughout the day, with races ending with a ‘GG’ (Good Game) and a friendly elbow tap. 

It was fantastic to watch our young ladies making new connections with students from other schools, and cheering others on, in the spirit of the day. 

Esports is a pretty new (and growing) industry, so you can be forgiven for not really knowing just how big and exciting it is. From streaming online to competing in world-class tournaments in packed-out stadiums around the world – esports is huge.

Did you know?

By its sheer economic size, esports is an industry that is increasingly hard to ignore. Gaming is worth more than US$145 billion (A$199 billion), making it by far the largest entertainment industry.

(Mudditt, Jessica. “Surprising stats behind the meteoric rise of the esports economy | INTHEBLACK.” INTHEBLACK, 1 April 2022, Accessed 1 September 2022.)

These esports events will be happening from time to time, and I’m keen for our students to get involved, make new friends, hone their skills, and even win some great prizes!

Thanks for getting involved girls!

Brad Evans

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