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GCCC comes third in Qld State Language Perfect Competition

  • September 17, 2014
We are again excited to report that GCCC came 3rd for French in the recent QLD State Language Perfect Competition. This comes after a marathon 1st place finish in a three week Sunshine Coast Competition. These results indicate that our students have continued to improve on their earlier excellent Worldwide Championship results in May, when we came 9th for French for QLD.
Ebony King 5M was presented with her silver certificate at assembly this week. Ebony earned 2,111 points during this competition, coming 1st for French in our College and 22nd out of some 1,400 participating QLD French students.  Hamish White from 7G came 2nd for Fench on 1846 points. Hamish did an outstanding job in the ‘all languages category’ earning a gold medal and 1st place in that category. Emily Ikin received her 3rd credit certificate and is to be congratulated for her consistent excellent results during each competition earning a credit certificate each time. We are very proud of all the great learning which our students have achieved during these competitions.
Nadine Hammill
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