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GCC wins at French MLTAQ speech contest

  • August 31, 2017

GCC wins at French MLTAQ speech contest

Congratulations to Jasper Tait for winning 1st place, Euan Caldwell 2nd place and Aimee Cullen 3rd place for French, at the MLTAQ speech contest held at the University of the Sunshine Coast this Sunday.

The annual language event was once again a buzz of excitement and nerves as students from Year 4 to 12 from Sunshine Coast state and private schools, delivered their prepared speeches in front of judges. Glasshouse Christian College did well again this year and we congratulate all students who participated in the event for doing our College extremely proud as they showcased their French.

The number of places achieved by our students presenting was impressive:

1st place Jasper Tait
2nd place Euan Caldwell
3rd place Aimee Cullen
Highly Commended Mason White
Highly Commended Teanna Newell
Highly Commended Laura Coumi
Highly Commended Tiahna Davies
Highly Commended Kaitlin Morris
Highly Commended Sebastian Catton
Highly Commended Charles Atkinson

We are thankful for those students who were willing to multitask on Sunday and who were also representing the College at USC for the Tournament of the Minds with Mr Bowman. A very special thank you, therefore, to Jasper Tait, Aimee Cullen and Kaitlin Morris for their awesome effort and participation for our College and willingness to give of their time to make both events a real success. We are very proud of you.

Nadine Hammill, Tuija Hast and Valerie Beattie.

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