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Excellent Expo

  • May 29, 2019

Excellent Expo

Year 6 students transformed themselves into budding entrepreneurs for a term. They carefully considered real-world problems and then were challenged to order them by scale from global issues down to individual or personalised issues. Each student then chose a problem to solve.

The project involved designing a product to solve the problem and marketing it using costing, persuasive speaking skills and digital advertisements. Some students were treated to expert advice from a small group of Year 11 students, led by Cerys Richardson. These students shared their expertise acquired from the Delorean Project. Many students applied their newly acquired knowledge of environmental issues and renewable energy sources in their designs.

This project culminated with a business Expo which was a big hit on Open Day. Parents and visitors were invited to invest in the product using virtual money. Congratulations to Lily Monos in 6M, Millie Ives in 6W and Caitlin Mare in 6G, who secured the highest investment pledges. However, the standard of invention ideas grabbed the attention of all our visitors and all the Year 6 students are to be highly commended for their impressive level of application to the whole process. A few pictures are included for your enjoyment.

Mrs Jeanette Roach, Year 6 Coordinator

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