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Estah First GCC Primary Student to Qualify for National Athletics Championships

  • October 26, 2023

Estah First GCC Primary Student to Qualify for National Athletics Championships

Estah Muller is absolutely thrilled to qualify for her first National Track and Field Champions after winning bronze at the State Track and Field Championships recently. She is the first GCC Primary student to represent Queensland and compete at a National Championship.

Estah and Sophie Doyle represented the Sunshine Coast at the Queensland School Sport State Track and Field Championships. Estah competed in the 12 girls discus and shot put events and Sophie in the 11 girls 800m and tetrathlon. The tetrathlon involves scoring points according to performance in the 100m, long jump, shot put, and 800m events.

Estah was disappointed with her performance at the Regional Athletics Champs but was determined to fight back and perform well on this big stage. Estah moved through to the final 8 competitors and received a further three throws. Everything she trains at came together as she launched a huge 1.06m PB throw out into the sector. This throw gained her third place and she was so very excited to be presented with the bronze medal.

Sophie had a very busy 2 day carnival as she had heats and finals for the 800m race and then the four events in the tetrathlon event. The 11 girls 800m event is very competitive and Sophie ran hard to gain a PB and ensure qualification for the final before jumping the long jump 10 minutes later and then racing the 100m event in the tetrathlon! The 800m final was also on day one and Sophie gave this race everything. She ran aggressively and finished strongly to place 4th overall in the state.

With tired legs, Sophie threw the shot and then ran her third 800m race in two days! This race was an opportunity to gain valuable points in the tetrathlon where she was lying towards the tail of the field. Well, what a race she ran!! She was determined to gain as many points as possible and blitzed the field – winning this race by some distance. She flew around the 2 laps of the track smashing her PB for the second time over two days. She gained enough points to finish 8th in the tetrathlon event – winning a top 8 ribbon.

These girls both train very hard for their events and all their dedication and commitment to training prepared them for these fantastic performances. Of course, their dedicated parents and coaches contribute hugely to these results, and are very proud of the girls. We look forward to hearing Estah’s results from the National Championships in late November.

Wendy Stott, Primary Sport Teacher

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