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Da Vinci Decathlon – State Final

  • May 25, 2023

Da Vinci Decathlon – State Final

On Tuesday 23 May, eight students from Year 6 travelled to Brisbane to compete in the State Final of the Da Vinci Decathlon. This team had won the regional round of the competition just over three weeks prior and had been busily preparing for the intense competition at state level.

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an academically rigorous competition considered one of the most prestigious across Australia and internationally. It involves teams of eight students competing across ten academic disciplines: Ideation, English, Science, Creative Producers, Art & Poetry, Mathematics, Engineering, Cartography, Codebreaking, and Legacy. The competition challenges students to use higher-order thinking and problem solving skills and celebrates creativity and originality.

The state level of the competition was incredibly challenging with such fierce competition. The Glasshouse Christian College team achieved phenomenal success placing:

1st in Engineering

1st in Codebreaking

3rd in Ideation

The team members, Sean Barrett, Cooper Beaven, Allegra Cheal, Isaac Choi, Zoe Ford, Sarannah Leary, Aaron Newell, and Liam Wessels, are commended for their dedication through hours of training and competition, their incredible teamwork, and their amazing effort resulting in outstanding success. Well done, team!

Jasmine Bautista, Honours Teacher

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