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Rest in Peace Spike

  • May 25, 2023

Rest in Peace Spike

On Saturday 13 May, we said goodbye to Spike, the school’s bearded dragon, who had been at the school for over 12 years. First Spike was a part of Mrs West’s Year 1 class, then when she left the school, he was looked after by the Pastors (or at first the Chappies, where he got his new title – Chappy Spike), before being looked after by Mrs Draper. 

Even though Spike couldn’t speak to us, his presence was much appreciated by many students.

“It was comical walking into Mrs Bryers office as a beginning teacher to ask her if I could keep a dragon in my classroom! She was all for it!

Over the years he has dried many tears, cast an approving eye over lots of handwriting, and been loved by too many children to count. 

He would get very down on the holidays when the children weren’t there and perk up immediately as he saw them return after the holidays.”

Mrs Rachel West

Isabella Buckland, Year 9 Student

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