Community concert and afternoon tea - Glasshouse Christian College

Community concert and afternoon tea

  • September 6, 2018

Community concert and afternoon tea

Last Friday Glasshouse Christian College hosted an afternoon tea and concert for a group of visitors from Glasshouse Country Care. This has been an annual event for a number of years and each year the quality of the concert items and the refreshments becomes more and more outstanding.

On Friday a group of Year 12 students prepared and served the afternoon tea as part of their assessment for their Hospitality subject. We are very grateful to Mrs Peters, Mrs Wolsley and the students for providing such a wonderful spread of savoury and sweet items for our visitors. It truly was a “High Tea”.

The musical items from Little Voices, Music Makers and Cool Voices gave our guests a great deal of pleasure. They commented over and over again that they rarely have any contact with young people and that the afternoon performances of our three choirs, dancers, rhythmic dance, and song and dance routine were so enjoyable for them. Our visitors couldn’t believe how much energy and excitement the children displayed throughout the concert. Shouts of “Bravo, bravo” could be heard as some items finished.

Our thanks go to Mr Yusupov, Mrs Smith and Mrs Whyte for the work they do all year with the choirs and organising functions such as our Community Concert.

The joy on the faces of our guests from Glasshouse Country Care was almost tangible and we look forward to offering maybe two events like this next year to bring such joy to the elderly in our community and to give our students an opportunity to bless others.

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

Hay and pay food parcels have arrived

Just an encouragement for all those who contributed to the hay and food parcels.

How cute are these lambs! Apparently a local knitting club made the coats for lambs which had lost their mothers.

Quote from Jade King’s email, “We went directly to Tim Clarke’s farm and dropped in to hand over the lamb jumpers knitted by a local knitting group, headed by Ronda. We stayed briefly to dress the orphaned lambs and take some way too adorable photos!” (Jade’s full update here) 

Don’t forget that another trailer load of food parcels will go out in Week 10. Some families have indicated that they still intend sending in items for these boxes.

Bless you all for your contributions and the joy they have brought to our farmers.

Cupcakes and Conversations with Mrs Bryers

Congratulations to these students:

Week 6
Chelsea Evans Prep White
Harryson Freeman 1M
Callum Searby 2M
Milla Hinds 3W
Scarlett Ramsay 4W
Breeanna Aldridge 4W
Claudia Goddard 6W
Jacob Barker 5W
Matthew Fielding 6M

Week 7
Shylo Anderson Prep Green
Erin Dickens 1G
Hudson O’Brien 1W
Savannah Evans 3W
Eli Alksne 4G
Mace Neucom 4M
Emily Precians 5W
Jai Burchill-Wright 6M
Caitlin Mare 5M

(Photos coming soon)
These morning teas on a Thursday are one of my highlights for the week. The focus for the tickets in Week 6 was Attitude and Week 7 for Teachability.

In Weeks 9 and 10 I will be on long service leave but the students will have the pleasure of Cupcakes and Conversation with Mrs Mitchell in my absence.

During the holidays the invitations for “Lunch with Mrs Bryers” will be sent by mail to the students whose ticket is picked out of the draw in Week 10.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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