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Pay 4 Hay update – first hay and supplies run

  • September 6, 2018

Pay 4 Hay update – first hay and supplies run

This is just a quick update on the GCC PAY4HAY fundraising for drought relief that all of you have been a part of. We made our first hay and supplies run down to Warialda over the weekend, and yes I believe all that who went are exhausted! This is just the beginning, and the Aggies will be seeing all of this for themselves during their camp in Week 10 to Warialda.

Last weekend John Allen drove down with his load of 315 rectangle bales of hay on Friday, and my family and I drove down with a trailer load of supplies.

We went directly to Tim Clarke’s farm and dropped in to hand over the lamb jumpers knitted by a local knitting group, headed by Ronda. We stayed briefly to dress the orphaned lambs and take some way too adorable photos!

We then raced off to Nathan Beel’s property and met with John and the truck, my Dad and members from the Rotary Club who came to help unload the first 100 bales of hay. Nathan and his wife have five young children aged 2-10 years of age, and run a dorper sheep farm. They have struggled to this point with the drought and have lost many sheep and lambs along the way. We have actually now adopted three lambs from them and will be poddying these up as part of Ag Science and I pray they do well.

Following this hay drop, we literally attempted to race some incoming rain to the next property, as hay that is wet can cause fires and deteriorate as stock feed. We didn’t quite manage to beat the rain, but unloaded as quickly as possible so that it could be tarped. It was definitely all hands on hay! Mrs Hall, an elderly widow was extremely grateful for the hay!

It was then a quick dash to the Warialda community information centre to unload all of the supplies, which will be distributed to the farmers by the local Rotary Club in Warialda.

Finally, the last drop of hay was to my Dad’s, which the rain really decided to push the limits, so we had to park the truck in undercover and unload in the morning. I know just how incredibly grateful each and every farmer is, and they really wish for everyone to know this. It has been a crazy couple of days, that has seen some laughs, tears and all of those emotions in between.

This is just the beginning, and we now look to getting the big loads of hay cut, baled and delivered….and whilst we pray for more rain down at Warialda, we need it to hold off here so that we can bale this hay! The bit of rain they have had down there has been gratefully received, however, the recovery time is a long one, and we need to continue to do as much as we can. Thank you so much everyone for your support so far!

Jade King, Head of Agricultural Science


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