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Book Week highlights

  • September 2, 2021

Book Week highlights

Book Week 

Each year since 1945 the Children’s Book Council of Australia has brought children and books together across Australia through the CBCA Book Week. This year’s theme Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds inspired a colourful array of costumes and engaging activities and events, highlighting the importance of reading and reminding us of the ongoing benefits of reading for future success. 

Thank you to our College community for being part of this wonderful week and for encouraging our students to get involved with costumes that celebrated classic and contemporary book characters. Extra special thanks to our staff ‘characters’ who always go above and beyond to celebrate reading! 

Primary Book Week Competition Winners

Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are

P-2 Aiesha Briggs (1M)
3-4 Scarlett Hill (3G)
5-6 Olivia Kirkischa (6W)

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever

P-2 Pippa Rode (2G)
3-4 Elannah Spiteri (3G)
5-6 Archie Cruise (6M)


Annalise Meredith (2M)
Lachlan Meredith (1G)

Cast of Characters Illustration

P-2 Lilly Freeman (1M)
3-4 Sarannah Leary (4W)
5-6 Olivia Spiteri (6G)

Cast of Characters Book Awards

1st Place Jakob Gregory: Starflight (5W)
2nd Place Hannah Rae: Mary Poppins (3M)
3rd Micah Matthews- Frederick: Will Treaty (5W)

Book Week Parade Winners
Prep – Prep M
1-2 – 1W
3-4 – 4W
5-6 – 5G

Staff 1 – Teaching Assistants: Ladies in Black
Staff 2 – Year 5 Teachers: Astronauts

Secondary Book Week Competition Winners

Creative Piece – Fictional Place Sign

Overall Winners – Madi Hurst – Year 11 and Aneisha Pearce – Year 11
Commendation – Aden Draper – Year 11

Riddle Chase

Middle School – Oliver Geeves – Year 7
Senior School – Cara Bales, Brooke Myers and Lexi Brannigan – Year 11

Book Week Challenge Competition

Middle School – Grace Palmer – Year 9

Secondary ‘Best in Character’ Winners

Year LevelCharacter/Student
Year 7Overall Winner – Old Book, New Book, Other Book  – Mia GregsonTeam Prize –  Stitch Goes to the Farm – Jorja Benjafield, Talia Demerutis and Jasmine HazeldenRunner Up – Tourist Companion – Oliver GeevesCharacter Day Prize – Zukul  (Anime Character) – Isabel Smith
Year 8Overall Winner – Jinxed Team – Elizabeth Walters, Ellie Nyenhof, Amy Cullen, Abi Sidey, Daniel Draper and Hayden Cullen (Year 7) Runner Up – Shrek  – Alex RossboroughCharacter Day Prize – Angelina Ballerina  – Montana Tappert
Year 9Overall Winner – Little Women Cast – Lila Demerutis, Madeleine Bell, Madeleine MullinsRunner Up –  Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan (Anime Novel) – Lily SmithCharacter Day Prize –   The Emotions from  Inside Out – Amyliah Harrison, Tyler-Rose Pearton, Lara Sos, Paton Turner, Tiahna Davies and Caitland Geldenhuys
Year 10Jojo Kujo –  from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 – Jonah Capps  Best Team – Cinderella Cast – Adelie Tomokino, Lize Kasselman, Amelia Siddans and Chelsea LewisRunner Up – Cinderella Cast # 2 – Bryce Lowry, Paige Smith, Isabella Bullock and Taleah Mitchell, Keela O’Keeffe
Year 11The Muffin Man – Bailey RossboroughTeam Prize – Scooby Doo Cast – Jacinda Rauffat, Olivia Ellis and Madison HurstRunner – up – The Wiggles  – Mason White, Charlie Fyshwick, Jade Brown and Beau Doneathy
Year 12 Winner – Thor – Jared PostBest Team –  Angelique Hallett and Kim BlandRunner Up – Wonder Woman – Felicity Agius
StaffTeam Prize – Star Wars Cast – English Humanities TeamRunner Up – The Story of Moses – Pastoral Team

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety in multiple albums. Look for albums marked ‘Book Week’ or search for your children by clicking on “My VIPs”.

These Book Week albums are just some that can be seen by GCC families. You must have Pixevity open for the links to take you directly to the albums.

Primary Book Week Album 1

Book Week Album 2

Book Week

Middle School Character Day

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