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As we round the final corner of Term 4 – thank you

  • November 25, 2021

As we round the final corner of Term 4 – thank you

It has been a delight as we have shared in many celebrations over the past few weeks and acknowledged the many successes and gifts and talents of our amazing students.

2021 has been another busy year with some purposeful changes. It has been an exciting time and the teaching team have been focussed on building discipleship, walking alongside students in the faith journey and providing opportunities for students to excel in areas of passion. They have also focussed on accelerating learning to improve student learning outcomes as well as develop their own capacity as teachers through professional development. 

Once again this year, I am so proud, honoured and fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best educators that I have had the privilege to work with. Their drive, passion and determination; underpinned by their skill, knowledge and empathy for the children in their care, is evident in all that they do. I would like to acknowledge and thank Pastor Joc and Pastor Josh for the godly way in which they serve the children and the community at GCC.

I would also like to thank Mrs Leary and Mr Ford for their dedication and hard work. I appreciate their expertise, encouragement and support as together, we lead the Primary School. 

Our children are what makes our school special. They are amazing and this year they have excelled in their learning, developed their gifts and talents, blessed the community and they continue to represent the College with pride.

Each year I look back at what the children have achieved and how far they have all come. I want to congratulate them all for being the wonderful young people that they are and for working hard this year and achieving their goals.

I would like to wish our Year 6 students all the very best as they move into Middle School. I would like to thank them for all they have done and for their service to the school during their time in the Primary, many of whom have been at GCC since Prep. I wish them well as they take on the new adventures and possibilities that the new school year will bring. There are good things waiting for them just around the corner and I am confident that they will step up and take new opportunities in their stride.

With some final celebrations still to be had, meeting new teachers and classmates for 2022 and saying farewell to the end of another blessed school year, I would like to say thank you to you, the parents, for your loyalty, support and for your contributions to the school. The school is certainly better for having you as part of the school family.

As we round the final corner of Term 4 and another school year, excited about the holiday season ahead and the possibility of gathering together with family and friends, the hope of my heart is that as Christmas approaches, we think of that  special day;

‘When one very special child headed our way.
We think of the message He came to proclaim,
And ask God to help us in Jesus’ name
To show, through our actions, that He’s our Messiah;
To share His compassion and Godly desire.
The Hope of the world has come –  Hallelujah! We rejoice as one!

Gail Mitchell – Head of Primary

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