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Angelique Hallett OAMA

  • October 28, 2021

Angelique Hallett OAMA

Order Of Australia Association – QLD Branch – Secondary Schools Citizen of the Year Award

Earlier this year Angelique Hallett was nominated for the SSCA Award. The award is open to Year 12 students from across Queensland and who have been influential young people in their schools and communities. It is of no surprise that Angelique was named one of twelve recipients of this award. Her extensive list of contributions to GCC and the Sunshine Coast is impressive for someone of her age. Angelique’s most significant achievement of founding her charity Loving Hope Bears caused an audible reaction in the room at the presentation ceremony when the impact of this charity to young children living in domestic violence shelters were read out. 

Angelique was presented with her award at a formal ceremony at Queensland Parliament House Annexure by Queensland Governor Honourable Paul DeJersey. Many dignitaries and Order of Australia recipients were there to share in the celebration and honour of the occasion. 

The bonus for Angelique and her Mum, Nanna and Sister was a private tour of Parliament by Caloundra MP Jason Hunt. This is an incredibly rare opportunity and was a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion. Even the Deputy Premier stopped by to say an informal hello and congratulations. I have to say that Angelique looked quite comfortable and confident in the Premier’s seat in Parliament with her sister Tamika in the Speakers seat. (Although I don’t think politics is quite on the agenda for these girls at this age).

Angelique personifies citizenship as she actively realises the importance of contributing to her community through service and involvement. She is among the first to ask ‘how can I help?’ and to volunteer to assist when a need arises. Angelique is and has been a positive role model for students and staff at Glasshouse Christian College and her circle of influence is notable in the wider community. As a college, we extend our congratulations to Angelique and as she prepares to graduate in the coming weeks, we are confident that her legacy will live on for many years to come. 

Tanya Cullen

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