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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incursion

  • March 11, 2021

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incursion

On Tuesday 9 March, the Year 9 students were treated to an incursion to complement their studies of colonisation and inequality in Australian history.

Three guest speakers came to share with the students their own experiences as Aboriginal Australians and to share their faith and stories.

The students participated in a creative writing workshop with author Sue McPherson, heard the Christian testimony of Kym Harrison, and discussed personal skills and strengths with Judith Shea.  

Here are reflections on the day from two of the Year 9 students: “I loved the incursion, it was so great to hear Sue, Kym and Judith’s indigenous perspective on Australian history. I think it was lovely for them to share their stories. Some parts were raw but that’s what makes it great, to be able to hear how indigenous women actually felt firsthand and their experiences.”

“What a wonderful afternoon it was. I loved hearing Sue, Kym, and Judith and their perspectives on Australian history and the different hurdles and challenges they were faced within life as an Aboriginal Australian. I learned a lot about Aboriginal culture and hearing these lovely ladies’ life stories really made me see things in a different light. It was so cool to hear Sue talk about her book ‘Grace Beside Me’ and hear about her experiences and reasons as to why she decided to write a book. Judith created a wonderful presentation on her life and her search for finding her family. Kym spoke some lovely words on how your experiences do not need to shape who you are.”

“I really enjoyed reading the book ‘Grace Beside Me’, so meeting Sue McPherson, the author was an amazing experience. I really loved how she embraced who she was and was proud of her heritage and family. Her story was both sad and inspirational. Because she is an Aboriginal woman she has faced challenges in life and it makes me sad to think that people could be so prejudiced. But the way she overcame these challenges is amazing. Sue is a really awesome person and a terrific writer. I hope I can meet her again someday.”

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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