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A time of opportunity

  • March 19, 2020

A time of opportunity

In present times when things are uncertain and the normal rhythms of life are out of kilter, it is amazing just how many opportunities present themselves and how creativity comes to the fore.


This week we have had the opportunity to share citations differently. Reading citations in classes created the opportunity for fellow students and visiting parents to add additional words of affirmation and encouragement to recipients which was very special and unexpected.


Changes to chapel arrangements sparked creativity and the opportunity for our Primary Pastors, Pastor Joc and Pastor Josh, to share ‘Chapel Chats’ with all the classes. Children raised the roof with praise and worship in their classes and the chapel message was shared virtually.


Current learning in Health lessons has provided the opportunity for our children to relate their learning to real-life circumstances and children are now very vigilant about washing their hands, coughing into their elbows and being conscious of the health and well being of all.


While our College remains open, our teachers have been preparing an engaging ‘learning from home’ option for our children. This has been very exciting and has provided the opportunity for great professional discussions, creative collaboration, agility and thinking about delivering learning in different ways. We will be sharing more information about Gateway with you shortly. 

Parent-Teacher Interviews

We have had to be creative about the upcoming parent-teacher interviews and this has given us the opportunity to do things a little differently. You will all know by now that the interviews will be in the form of a telephone conference with the focus of discussions still on how your child has settled into school, current levels of student progress and dispositions towards learning. 

Bullying – No Way! and Harmony Day

This week we also had the opportunity to make a stand against Bullying and celebrate our differences through participating in Harmony Day activities and discussions. 

As we face uncharted waters, let us not forget that, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 

The hope of my heart is that we remain calm, be kind, share, think creatively, be helpful and encouraging and look carefully for the opportunities all around us. They are everywhere!   

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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