Sunshine for Lapathon - Glasshouse Christian College

Sunshine for Lapathon

  • March 19, 2020

Sunshine for Lapathon

It is great to have some sunshine this week as our Lapathon Challenge has begun for Year 3 – 6 students. The rain last week made it tricky but classes are very keen to outrun every other class in order to win the prize. That prize is, of course, very sought after as it is a day’s outing at an exciting destination with the PE teachers.

Students run or jog/walk for 10 minutes three times per week and also run for 10 minutes during their PE lesson. Laps are counted and tallied at the end of each week. The Year 6W class has an early lead but 6M, 5G, 3G and 3M are close behind them after the first week with just a few laps separating them. Student’s fitness will improve as they run so they are prepared for the College Cross Country next term and so they feel fitter and healthier. 

Wendy Stott

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