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Year 9 Business – Market Day

  • December 4, 2019

Year 9 Business – Market Day

During Term 4, the Year 9 Business class undertake a project to create a small business venture. It culminates in a Market Day during a lunch break where the Year 9 students set up to sell their products to hungry and thirsty Middle School students. The customers are given pretend ‘cash’ and they purchase the products from the stalls.

This year the Business Ventures included: 

Swirly Sundaes (Sophie, Abi and Gracie)
Staminade (Alex and Jacob)
Go Nuts Donuts (Noah, Max and Corey)
Slice Up Pizza (Hayden, Josh and Kobe)
Supreme Cream Spiders (Alex, Noah and Bailey)
BB Delights – Blondies and Brownies (Mia, Abby and Molly)
Sweet Bread – Fairy Bread (Liezle and Olivia)
Cool Cups – Frozen Cordial Cups (Jorja, Chelsea and Nerissa)
Spidermen – (Oliver and Bailey)

All the students gave it their best shot and the competition was high. Some students sold out super quick but learnt the valuable lesson of supply and demand and unit price, whilst others discovered other valuable lessons from the experience. The team who returned the highest profitability from the day was Cool Cups with a substantial lead on their next competitor, bringing in $158 on the day. It just goes to show, frozen cordial is still a super sell on a hot day… imagine what Macca’s is making from their frozen cokes!

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