Girls in Tech Conference - Glasshouse Christian College

Girls in Tech Conference

  • December 4, 2019

Girls in Tech Conference

On Monday 25 November, fourteen Middle School girls from GCC were privileged to be invited by Matthew Flinders Anglican college to attend a Girls in Tech Conference. The girls had the opportunity to work in groups and learn about the design process. They also heard about women in the workforce and the potential jobs for girls working in technology.

There was an interesting presentation by one of their college’s past students Taylah Hasaballah, who is now a product manager at Google. She explained what her working role is and also challenged the girls to see the possibilities that taking Computer Science as a subject, could lead to. She also showed examples of Computer Science Designers, who are currently working on embedding code into fabric so that in the foreseeable future the public will be able to buy a garment which has code in the sleeve and therefore be able to control their iPhone or iPads! Another product which is being researched is that of embedding code into contact lenses to aid diabetics in discerning their sugar levels.

In the afternoon session, students were asked to brainstorm an idea for an app. They worked through the design process, from initial thumbnail sketches through to drawing it up and presenting their concept to the entire conference. Our students participated in everything they were asked to and also made some great new friends. We truly appreciate the invitation from Matthew Flinders College and thank them for an enjoyable day.

Mrs Jenny Evans, Secondary Teacher – Art & Primary Art

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