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Year 6 Buranga Camp

  • August 20, 2018

Year 6 Buranga Camp

The Future is in our Hands:
This term, twelve Year 6 students headed off to Alex Park for the annual Buranga Camp where their minds were challenged and their talents were stretched as they worked on various projects under the banner ‘The Future is in our Hands’. Our students worked closely with students from other independent schools on the coast in their specialist area of either English, Maths, Science, Technology, Music or Art. Here are some of the students’ reflections on the experience.
Mrs Roach

The theme of our science project was DNA and the structure of all living things. We extracted DNA from an onion. We also tested how acid or alkaline some products were. It was challenging making sure we didn’t spill harmful chemicals. We had a lot of fun and we learnt so much. They even showed us a video about making robots to cure cancer or help with body viruses built out of DNA.
Sam Viney

The tasks for the visual art group were to recycle rubbish and make a mixed medium artwork representing coral bleaching or pollution or something that is happening to the environment. The other project was to paint and design a surfboard. I will always remember the friends l made at Buranga Camp. It was really fun getting to know my dorm mates better. It is something great that l will always remember.
Lara Sos

The task we were given in the maths group was to design a future city. We had to figure out what percentage of land space everything in our city would take up and we had to fit 60000 to 70000 people in our city and we were only allowed to use 65 square kilometers. The best part about camp was that I challenged myself to extend my maths knowledge and make new friends.
Jayden Neideck

The English group at Buraga Camp were asked to pretend to be youth ambassadors for the UNESCO Youth Conference and we were instructed to write a proposal in PechaKucha style. PechaKucha is a style of presentation where there are 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each. There are generally no words on the slides, just pictures, videos etc. We were told to look at a special picture and reflect on what we thought it meant. It looked like an earth with brown countries so my group thought it was brown because of waste. My group therefore decided to do a proposal about waste and banning all non-recyclable plastic and adding more waste management into schools around the world. Of course it wasn’t a real proposal but at least we got the word out to some students, parents, teachers and now hopefully you!
Amyliah Harrison

In the music group our challenge and goal was to learn to perform a song and also write our own song as a group. The theme was ‘we are the future’. The song we learned was beautiful and the song we wrote was all about working together and growing a happier healthier world for the future. A great memory of camp that I will never forget will be the special experiences and making new friends, and how we collaborated so well. In the evening we did a pop quiz and it was so much fun. We had to answer questions for all our subjects, in the end our school came 4th.
Natasha Larard

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