Year 5 Mentoring Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 5 Mentoring Day

  • June 23, 2021

Year 5 Mentoring Day

The Year 5 Mentoring Day was a great success. The boys and girls split off on different buses and headed for Caloundra beaches to begin their adventures for the day. Students broke off into small groups with a GCC staff member as the guide to complete several team based activities that were located throughout their hike on route to their final pick up destination.

The weather was a mixed bag starting the day with clear skies and ending the day with rain and cold wind. They boys and girls groups bunkered down out of the wind and rain to let it pass and continued to make the most of the learning experiences. 

The theme for the day was themed around ‘Keys to Friendships’ and focussed on the attributes of being Considerate, Trustworthy, Good Listening, Helpful, Caring and Forgiving. In preparation for Year 5 camp and stepping into Year 6 leadership roles, students also discussed and participated in activities that were focused on the theme of ‘What more do I have to offer?’

By the end of the day students were able to verbalise what skills they personally need to work on and what attributes they value in friendships. 

Josh Bennett

GCC families can see all the photos here on Pixevety.

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