Year 5 Camp 2019 - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 5 Camp 2019

  • September 5, 2019

Year 5 Camp 2019

Last week Year 5 were blessed to go to Maranatha Camp at Boulder Creek! We had such a wonderful time, with everyone trying new things and challenging themselves! The food was amazing! We even had pancakes, bacon and eggs and roast dinner! (The teachers also got great coffee which was a bonus!) We came home very tired but happy!

Here are some thoughts from our fabulous students…

I really liked the ringtail ropes because of the challenge it gave me the thrill of it as you wobbled.” Amali

I loved the parts at camp where everyone was being kind to people that were sad or missing their families and needing some encouragement.” Owen H

I really loved Trail Challenge where we had to put on a blindfold because you weren’t able to see where you were going.” Annabelle

Dear Mrs Andrews,
My favourite thing about camp was watching you jump off the leap of faith because it was funny to watch you screaming the whole way down to the ground!” Tahlia P

My favourite activity is the leap of faith because I was the first one in my group and in camp to hit the ball and when I came down I was doing a little boogie in the air before I came back down to Earth.” Jayden

Camp was so much fun and the best Camp I have ever been to. Everything was so good. My favourite activity was the tower of tremble because we tried to get past 21 crates. When Camp was over I said to my Mum, “can we go to Boulder Creek in the holidays PLEASE.” Luca

The thing I loved most about camp was the ”LEAP OF FAITH” because it was a stomach twister and it gave you a really BIG adrenaline rush of fear.” Holly Z

My favourite things were ringtail ropes (The obstacle course in the air!) and having fun socialising with my friends and getting to know them more.” Owen M

My favourite part of camp was making new friends.” Holly C

It was so fun when I did the crate stacking because Hayden and I broke the record and it was so high up in the air. When I was at the bottom it didn’t look that high but when I was up there it’s horrifying, but it’s still really fun!”- Trystan

Donna Andrews, Year 5 Team Leader

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