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Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

  • September 4, 2019

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

This term Year 3 visited Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve as a day trip excursion. 3G went to Mary Cairncross on Monday 26 August, while 3W and 3M went together on Thursday 29 August.

All of the students were very excited to go and couldn’t wait to see all of the interesting and wonderful things that the rainforest had to offer. The students were split into different groups and were led on an educational walk by a Mary Cairncross guide. On the walk, the students were amazed to see how large the trees were and how the strangler figs twisted around a host tree. Students learnt about the layers of the rainforest and how important the rainforest is in providing clean oxygen to the planet. Students also enjoyed learning about the different types of bush tucker that were hiding on the forest floor or growing on understory plants. When on the viewing deck overlooking Mary Cairncross and the Glasshouse Mountains, students spent time appreciating the nature around them by sketching the beautiful scenery that they saw.

At different times during the day, students were able to visit the discovery centre. In the centre, students used their inquisitive skills to learn about habitats, plants, animals and ecosystems.

Students were also given time to play on the playground in the recreation area. This gave students the chance to run around, climb, swing and just have a lot of fun!

All of the students had a wonderful time at Mary Cairncross and I’m sure that each student has come away with a lovely memory to cherish.

Sarah Jennings, Year 3 Team Leader

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