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Year 4 Math Investigation – It’s Only Natural

  • May 23, 2024

Year 4 Math Investigation – It’s Only Natural

The Year 4 students recently delved into the world of symmetry and measurement through the exploration of leaves and petals. Students were tasked with exploring symmetry using leaves and applying mathematical principles to measure the area and perimeter of various leaf shapes. Additionally, they engaged in sorting different types of petals from monocotyledons and dicotyledons, thereby gaining insight into the mathematical patterns found in nature.

The primary focus of the investigation was to deepen students’ understanding of symmetry and measurement concepts while fostering a connection to the natural environment. By utilizing leaves as a tool for exploration, students were able to visualize and manipulate geometric concepts in a tangible and engaging way.

Students applied their mathematical knowledge to calculate the area and perimeter of different types of leaves, providing them with real-world applications for these mathematical concepts. The investigation also focused on the classification of petals based on their numerical arrangements. Students learned to distinguish between monocotyledons, which typically have petals in multiples of three, and dicotyledons, which commonly have petals in multiples of four or five.

Overall, the “It’s Only Natural” math investigation proved to be a highly engaging and enriching experience for Year 4 students.

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Desley Macijewski, Year 4 Team Leader

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