Year 1 Visit from the Fire Brigade - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 1 Visit from the Fire Brigade

  • July 25, 2023

Year 1 Visit from the Fire Brigade

Last Friday, Year 1 students had a visit from some of our local firefighters, Michael, Jake, and Jason (one of our very own class parents!). Students listened to an interactive educational talk where they were taught how to:

  • Call 000 for help and be reminded of the importance of knowing their home address.
  • What to do if for some reason you catch on fire – you should protect your face, stop, drop, and roll! 
  • We learnt to get down low and go, go, go!
  • Discussed how to get out and stay out – get out of the house and meet your family by the letterbox. 
  • We saw what firefighters look like when they are all dressed up in their protective gear and heard how funny they sound when they have the oxygen tank on. This helps students to feel familiar with this if they are ever in an emergency.

We then went outside and explored the fire truck and all of the cool things that are stored inside it. We saw some of their tools, hoses, and heaps more.

Finally, the students all got a turn at spraying the hoses – this was our favourite part!

We are so grateful for our time learning from Jason, Jake, and Michael, and the students enjoyed this fun, interactive visit!

Shalene Geldenhuys, Amy Eskdale, Hannah Steel, Year 1 Teachers

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