Year 1 exciting adventure - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 1 exciting adventure

  • February 6, 2020

Year 1 exciting adventure

On Friday 31 January, the Wondrous Workers from GCC set off on an exciting adventure. We headed away from the College site, with teachers and supportive staff members, ready for a wonderful time. We took our water bottles, hats, a picnic lunch, good manners, lots of eager anticipation and energy. 

Our adventure involved a walk, a short train ride, a park playtime, picnic and train and bus rides back to school. Martin Rungert Park was a very special venue for a bunch of ‘wondrous workers’. We even enjoyed a cool Zooper Dooper from IGA where the staff were extra helpful by freezing these, ready for us. Our main goal this first week was to get to know the children in a relaxed atmosphere, building happy relationships for the year ahead. Did Miss Evans get tagged in Duck, duck, goose? Did Mrs Smith have a flying fox ride? Did Mrs Hay join in the tug o’war? Did Mrs O’Donnell go down the slide? You will have to ask a Year 1 child!

We were delighted to be blessed with safety and wonderful weather for our trip. We had prayed for this, and God said ‘yes’! 
What a wondrous time!!

Year 1 Teachers

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