Year 1 AVA PetPEP team visit - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 1 AVA PetPEP team visit

  • June 13, 2019

Year 1 AVA PetPEP team visit

On Tuesday 4 June the Wondrous Workers of our College welcomed guests from the Australian Veterinary Association’s Pets and People Education Program to speak to us. The students enjoyed the guests’ talks and are now certainly better informed about pet ownership, training pets and approaching dogs they encounter. The two dogs that visited were wonderfully behaved such that even our little ones who are scared of dogs were comfortable to be close by. Each of us was able to ask the owner to be introduced to their dog, extend our hand for the dog to meet us and then pat him gently on the shoulder. We learnt about tag, bag and leash as three friendly reminders when walking our pets.

Thanks again to our guests for their talks, resources and gifts. Our grateful thanks also extends to our Teacher Librarian Mrs Vanessa McKellar who organised the visit for us.

Lin Smith

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