Great performances at District Athletics - Glasshouse Christian College

Great performances at District Athletics

  • June 13, 2019

Great performances at District Athletics

The sun shone and the Skippy Park track had dried all ready for the descent of keen athletes for the Glasshouse District Athletics Championships. There were 12 schools competing and the smaller ones seemed to be much stronger this year. Our GCC team was selected from placegetters at our GCC Athletics Carnival and students came ready to do their best.

The two-day competition finished with relays as the last opportunity to earn points for our school. Our nine girls teams were very excited to finish third and wore their ribbons proudly. The 10-year-old and 12-year-old boys’ teams were both very strong and won their 4 x 100m shuttle relay. The 10-year race was a hard fought one with every team member running out of their skin to gain the victory. Unfortunately, the nine-year-old boys’ team dropped the baton at the last change when holding a comfortable lead and finished 5th.

After these relays GCC finished in second place overall just 22 points behind Maleny who had not won this carnival for many years. This was a great effort from our team and we are very proud of them.

There were many fantastic performances from our athletes and eight students were selected to go on and represent the Glasshouse District at the Sunshine Coast Regional Championships. Jesse Drew’s, Ashton van Straten, Max Cashin and Lilly Breen were particularly busy at this carnival and gained several placings. 

Ashton won the 10-year boys’ 200m and placed 2nd in the 100m and high jump and 3rd in long jump and shot put. Twelve-year-old Jesse Drew sprinted really well and placed 2nd overall in the 100m and 200m races, and also 2nd in high jump and 3rd in the discus from the Year 6, 12-year olds. Lily Breen won the 12-year girls’ high jump and long jump and placed 1st equal in the 800m. She also came 2nd in the 1500m event.

Max Cashin has become faster with age and training and almost beat the 2018, 100m Regional champion, placing 2nd. Max also won the high jump with a jump of 1.30m and placed second overall in the 12-year boys’ long jump and discus.

All of our students competed well and many threw, jumped and ran personal best distances, heights and times. Congratulations on your great performances, effort and sportsmanship. 

It was fantastic to have many parents supporting the team and the One Sock Wonders entertained us all in the 12-year boys’ relay which they won!

We look forward to hearing how our Glasshouse District team members perform at the Regional Carnival next term.

Placegetters were:
9 years
Marley Jameson 2nd 80m
Matthew Balfour 2nd long jump
10 years
Breeanna Aldridge 1st long jump, 3rd 800m
Ashton van Straten 1st 200m, 2nd 100m and high jump, 3rd long jump and shot put
Hayden Cullen 2nd 1500m
12 years
Jesse Drew’s 2nd 100m, 200m, high jump and 3rd discus
Lily Breen 1st 800m, high jump, long jump, 2nd 1500m
Lateisha Aldridge 2nd high jump
Ruby Ciantar 3rd 800m
Max Cashin 1st high jump, 2nd 100m, long jump, discus, 3rd 200m
Archer Palmer 2nd Year 6 200m
Josh Ford 3rd 800m, 1500m
Brayden Dakin 1st shot put 
Jake McGilvray 1st discus, 3rd shot put Year 6

Wendy Stott

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