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World-class musical performance

  • March 3, 2022

World-class musical performance

Last Thursday, our students in Years 3-6 were so blessed to see a truly world-class musical performance in action.

World-renowned cellist Sam Lucas returned home to the Sunshine Coast this month to meet his family in Montville. While he is here, Sam will be performing local concerts in preparation for the Queen Elizabeth International Cellist Competition for the world’s elite cellists!

We couldn’t miss this great opportunity and invited Sam and his accompanist Bertha Brozgul to perform in front of our students. It was such an amazing treat for our students and staff.

After the concerts, there was time for questions and answers. One of the students asked how much his cello cost. Apparently, it was made 300 years ago by an Italian master and now costs about 1,000,000 euros! It was an incredible privilege to hear magical sounds in the hands of a wonderful cellist.

Here are his YouTube links:

Renat Yusupov

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