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What’s the truth about philosophy and reason?

  • October 12, 2022

What’s the truth about philosophy and reason?

Have you ever wondered to yourself… What is a ‘good life’? Are we obliged to help those less fortunate than ourselves if we have the means to do so? Should animals be given the same rights as humans? Is artificial intelligence actually a good thing?

If you have ever found yourself pondering life’s big questions, then you would have had a taste of what it feels like to be a Philosophy and Reason student at GCC. 

Here are some thoughts from our Senior P&R students: 

Philosophy and Reason is a subject that challenges you to think about the big questions in life. 

I like the fact that we often have discussions about topics that I haven’t thought much about but that are very important.

It has taught me that there is so much that I have never thought about before and also that there are two sides to every argument. – Laura, Year 11

I chose Philosophy and Reason because it was different from the rest of the subjects and allows us to talk about world issues and discuss our thoughts and opinions. I would definitely recommend the subject as it is a very interesting subject. – Chloe, Year 11

I personally love Philosophy and Reason; this subject gives me the environment and teachings to explore the deeper questions about life and society. I chose this subject as I felt a desire to learn more about how the world works; however, since joining in Grade 11, I’ve learnt about political philosophy and moral philosophy, as well as learning how to structure and unpack a philosophical argument. – Noah, Year 12

The purpose of teaching Philosophy and Reason to teenagers is not to seem pretentious, but to really look at ways of thinking, and how our thought patterns have shaped the world we live in now, as well as the world they will enter as young adults. It also teaches our students to critically examine why they think or believe the things they do, in order to develop into the best, God-designed version of themselves. 

What a blessing to be able to share this with our next generation.

Rhiannon Vaoesea

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