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We love gymnastics!

  • September 17, 2020

We love gymnastics!

The Year 2 students have been very excited during their PE lessons as they have been learning lots of new gymnastics skills over the last four weeks.

We had Eileen Fowler, a gymnastics coach, for this program which was funded by Sporting Schools. Students were given the challenge of creating a routine using five skills they learned and practised during the lessons.

Skills included balances, jumps and landings, rolls, cartwheels and handstands and back bridges. Everyone improved so much and we all enjoyed watching the routines that students had created. The highlight for students was using the mini-tramp and learning how to jump, forward roll and then somersault onto the mats.

Wendy Stott

For those who have Pixevety access you can see all the photos here.

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