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Literacy Pro Millionaire Readers

  • September 17, 2020

Literacy Pro Millionaire Readers

We recently celebrated the amazing achievements of the following students who have read 1,000,000 words this year. The Millionaires Club rewards students for the number of words read in Literacy Pro, which students can easily track on the Literacy Pro homepage. We currently have 260 Year 3-6 students in the club and I’m sure this number will continue to grow next term. A list of the members can be found on the Gateway Primary Library Homepage and this data will be updated fortnightly during the term. Millionaires Club Readers receive certificates when they reach the following milestones: 250,000 words read,  500,000 words read and 1,000,000 words read. 

Millionaire Readers:
Bryce Hatcher Year 3
Micah Matthews-Frederick Year 4
Archie Cruise Year 5
Matthew O’Shea Year 5
Alex Stout Year 5
Amali Grieve Year 6

Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services

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