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The ‘Premiership Term’ – Term 3

  • August 1, 2019

The ‘Premiership Term’ – Term 3

As we start Week 2 of this third term, I am aware that there are many staff, students and families in the Primary school who support the Brisbane Lions.

Although I am not very knowledgable on the rules and gameplay in the AFL, I recently learnt that the third quarter is generally referred to as the ‘Premiership Quarter’. People often say that this is the quarter where the team reflects on the state of play in the first half. In the third quarter, the team works hard on those areas that caused concern in the first half and it should be the quarter when goals are kicked that will help win the game. Looking at the statistics, it seems clear that the third quarter is the dominant quarter and definitely indicates the period when a team puts its stamp on the game. The coaches will tell their players to “knuckle down” and work hard and at the end of the quarter to make sure that they are ahead. Statistics show that in the majority of cases, the team that is often ahead at three-quarter time will go on to win the game. The ‘Premiership Quarter’ is defined as that period that makes or breaks the make-or-break games.

I think Term 3 is very similar to the third quarter in an AFL game. It is the ‘Premiership Term’. It is a time to improve in the areas that need improving and to continue working hard in the areas where we do well so that we can do even better. Children and teachers know each other well and routines and expectations are known. I think that it can definitely be argued that Term 3 is the ‘Premiership Term’. It is the time when children can take the opportunity to make ‘halftime adjustments’ in their learning that really count.

I am confident that all our children will use this third quarter to work hard, enjoy school, prosper and succeed.

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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