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Principal’s Blog 2 August 2019

  • August 1, 2019

Principal’s Blog 2 August 2019

It’s quite possible you may not be aware that Mr Curtis has been on Long service leave for a few weeks now (and will be returning soon). However, at the College, while we are all grateful that he is able to enjoy a well-deserved holiday, here are 10 things the GCC staff have learnt or have become more aware of from his absence

  1. GCC is a busy and complex school. While each person has their area of responsibility and expertise to take care of, like the conductor of an orchestra, someone needs to balance all these aspects and keep them working in harmony.
  2. In the absence of the ‘conductor’ – the College staff has needed to look outside of their spheres of influence, perhaps more than they would have otherwise, to check they have considered what else is happening. (Listening more than usual to the other members of the orchestra to make sure we’re all in sync!)
  3. The College has good policies and procedures in place. Any eventualities and questions can usually be addressed by looking these up. Sometimes it’s easy to go to the person who knows for a quick answer; however, the policies are fair, thoughtful and often generous and the answer given to a query is in line with these.
  4. We work and operate in a workplace that is conducive and true to its intended purposes. The College has a wise and active Board working with and behind the Principal to ensure these are up to date and with godly intentions.
  5. Some might say, ‘When the cat’s away, the mice will play’. However, the GCC staff and their students can boast not only of ongoing continued high academic programs but also of excellent recent successes showing evidence that this non-pretentious Sunshine Coast hinterland school continues to punch way above its ‘weight’! A few recent examples are:
    1. Dance troupe – Won two firsts, two seconds and two highly commended at the Eisteddfod and in the Dancelife competition and all teams placed for the National Championships coming up in Sydney. These are typical for dance studios but for a school to have this, is excellent and unexpected.
    2. Ag Science – Year 10 Aggies have managed to take away second Overall Class in the Department of Agriculture Hermitage Research Schools Plant Science Competition and second in the QuestaGame competition.

There is a lot going on – and it is not just good or even great – it’s amazing!!!

  1. When one is missing – it is felt. This week our Year 7s are on their Canberra Trip and last week our Year 6 and Year 9s were on camp. Did you miss your child being around at home while they were away? Knowing they are coming back is a comfort. We are all hoping our Principal is enjoying his time away and while things are running as they should be, it’s not quite the same, in the same way, you miss someone when they are away in your families.
  2. Our parents are a great support. They are an integral part of the Glasshouse Christian College community. Schools take on the ‘in loco parentis’ role – in other words, schools support parents in raising their children and stand in their stead for the time children are at school. At GCC, it is evident we work with parents and the empirical research shows that when parents are involved academic results are greater. 
  3. Likewise, our College Pastors do an excellent job of guiding our school spiritually. Teachers receive wise and thoughtful counsel. This week a prayer meeting has begun on Thursday afternoons, where staff and students can join in prayer for our College needs and praise points. What a privilege to have this opportunity and freedom made available for our school community.
  4. School culture builds over time and often more so through the many small interactions and comments rather than the formalised policies. Working in the background – administration, cleaning and maintenance staff complete the invisible but one could argue most valuable of all services. With our Principal away, everyone notices, even more so, how these are running smoothly because of the aforementioned points.
  5. Rest and refreshment are needed and deserved. Long service leave is a uniquely Australian concept. We do live in a blessed country! Most Principals work long hours, year-round, and work evenings and weekends from home as well as attending out of hours school functions or meetings with parents and community members. Mike Curtis is no exception to this norm. While the school is running smoothly it in no way shape or form could do this without sound leadership. Like the children away on camp, he is missed and his return will be welcomed by us all.

Young people and Technology

On another note, have you wondered about these things recently: What is too much gaming or screen time? What is reasonable? What is the research saying? Here is a well-balanced article on the topic of teenage gaming and screen time. This quote gives an idea of the perspectives presented in this article: 

While there is research that shows that playing video games can boost young people’s social wellbeing and have many positive impacts (playing games with your kids can be great for your relationship for example), the same researchers caution that ‘excessive or obsessive’ gaming will undo any such benefits.

I would like to recommend this article for your reading, we all can do with well-balanced information on this topic.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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