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Language Perfect Championships – excellent results!

  • June 5, 2018

Language Perfect Championships – excellent results!

The Language Perfect Championships are sadly over but our final results are excellent! Glasshouse Christian College won second place for French in Queensland against 156 schools and fifth place in Australia for French against 834 schools.

Our amazing students won 157 certificates this year which is again an awesome effort! Our students have each year improved their tally and this year was no exception with 60 certificates more than last year. The N8 classroom was filled both breaks by a lively group of excited students who gave up their time during the 10-day competition period. Many students also chose self-appointed long hours of fun homework during the championships.

Mason White and Dominique Doolan are to be commended for their tireless efforts, they both won Elite certificates – that is 10,000 points each. As well as Jayden Neideck, Sebastian Catton, Jorja Goddard and Abigail McKinley who won Emerald certificates – that is 5,000 points each. The ongoing list of students and certificates achieved is far too long to list and it is important here to note that every point counts and it is being part of the group and part of the overall team that makes GCC stand out in our region for French. All students who competed are to be commended.

The eight Gold certificates (3,000 points), 12 Silver certificates (2,000 points), 40 Bronze certificates (1,000 points) 91 Credit certificates (500 points) will be awarded to students at their respective assembly or in class during Term 3. Well done GCC French students and team, we are so proud!

Nadine Hammill, Tuija Hast, Jacq Vreeling. 


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