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The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

  • March 27, 2024

The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

Easter is upon us. Does your family have any Easter traditions? Perhaps you make sure you get the perfect hot cross bun, toasted with the precise amount of butter paired with a flat white or cuppa of tea. Maybe around your house, you hide easter eggs on the lawn or dye easter eggs in the kitchen. Some people fast on Good Friday to remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Others will make sure they attend some sort of church service over the weekend of which there are many great options. One of my favourite lesser-known traditions is flying kites on Good Friday to commemorate Jesus’ ascension to heaven.

At College, on Tuesday we had a large Easter service which centred around a message adapted from a book by Carl Laferton, “The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross.” 

The book has been gorgeously illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, my children Harper (9) and Miles (4) love staring at it. The story starts in the Garden of Eden where we believe God did really walk with his people. However, the people disobeyed God’s one garden rule so they were removed from the garden. No longer did people walk, talk, laugh, whisper, hug, and hold God’s hand. In fact, the people forgot about him and did their own thing. People then created a temple to meet with God again, while elaborate, it was not perfect like the Garden was. Eventually, God sends his son Jesus who was a real man who walked and talked alongside humankind. Jesus dies on the cross and rises from the grave three days later. Through Jesus’ actions on the cross, he gives us an invitation to know him well again like he knew people in the original Garden.

In our production, we had a live walk-through of the scenes in the book. There was a garden representing the Garden of Eden, complete with various real and fake bushes, vines, flowers, and trees along with rainforest sounds. There was a barren wasteland representing sin complete with barrels, chains, hay, dead plants, and warehouse sounds. There was even a temple section complete with fairy lights, golden lampstands, and bread with beautiful instrumental music in the background. In the Sports Centre all students from Prep to Year 12 gathered as the Pastors told the story, ripped a giant five-metre curtain, and erected a beautiful wooden cross.

So what’s your response to Easter? Maybe this year you get your hands on this book and read it with your family. Perhaps you make it to Church, the one at the College has two services one at 8 am on Good Friday and the other at 9 am on Easter Sunday. Could it be that you fly a kite to remember Jesus’ flight path or when you bite into that hollow Cadbury chocolate egg you remember it’s empty because Jesus was not in the tomb, he has risen.

Pastor Syd, College Lead Pastor

For more fantastic photos of our Easter Service click HERE

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