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Symmetrical Spring Biscuits – Kitchen Garden

  • October 12, 2023

Symmetrical Spring Biscuits – Kitchen Garden

Spring has finally arrived and we are heating up again here in the garden.

The children have been putting together some very whimsy floral bee ‘baths’ for the critters to enjoy. Bees cannot swim and prefer to perch themselves on a rock or nearby structure to access drinking water. Bees don’t need to take a bath, as they can use their hairy legs to wipe over their body to clean off pollen, parasites, or fungi.

We had a huge harvest from our hydroponics table this term with our Rouge de Marmande Tomatoes throwing up some interesting folded and curved shapes.

Our carrots have not been fantastic, but the children are enjoying pulling them all up.

The coriander flowers have been showy for weeks, bathing us in their dreamy fresh perfume.

The snails are also loving the garden. They’re not being too destructive, and the children are enjoying the seek.

We are again attempting to grow some more dwarf and climbing green beans which haven’t done well over the winter months. The asparagus is standing strong again and bursting out into its fern-like structure. A couple of broad beans have finally begun to grow after many many days of flowering in front of our watchful eyes.

Some of our garden beds are being inundated by the roots of nearby trees and this is indeed posing a challenge. We are investigating what can be done to alleviate this.

Simple Symmetrical Garden Biscuits:

Makes 30 decent-sized biscuits
Contains gluten, dairy, and citrus


300g butter
150g caster sugar
450g self-raising flour
A lemon or Orange for zesting (optional). For decoration.


Mix softened butter with sugar
Add flour
Form balls, slightly flatten
Decorate in a symmetrical fashion using: orange or lemon zest, celery leaves, calendula petals, viola petals, dianella, nasturtium flowers, rosemary, lavender flowers, broccoli flowers etc.

Brush with milk
Bake 180 degrees / 160 FF  for  15 minutes
Allow to cool, Enjoy

Nicole Young, Kitchen Garden Coordinator

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