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Music happenings

  • August 29, 2018

Music happenings

Bigger, Better, Brains:

Playing an instrument keeps your brain in tip top shape! But what happens after you stop playing?

Researchers just tested musicians (both active and former) and non-musicians on a number of language and executive function tests. Researchers found that musicians performed better particularly in language and some executive function tests (organisation, planning & goal setting, time management, self-regulation and accountability). The active musicians scored even higher! This shows that while learning a musical instrument keeps your brain in top shape, continuing to play is even better. Go on, get your instrument out of that cupboard, your brain will thank you. (Psychology of Music, Sage Journals, July 20, 2018)

Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod

A big congratulations to the students below who participated in the string section at the recent Sunshine Coast Music Eisteddfod. The students below received the following marks/results:

Chloe Jarvis (String Solo 8 years & under) – 83
Chelsea Brown (Novice String Solo 8-10 years) – 88 : 2nd
Chelsea Lewis (Novice String Solo 11-13 years) – 83
Mattea Maksimous (Novice String Solo 11-13 years) – 82
Scott Roy (Novice String Solo 11-13 years) – 85 : HC
Joanna Zelazko (String Solo 10-11 years) – 88 : 3rd
Archer Palmer (String Solo 10-11 years) – 90 : 1st
Thomas Quinn / Jayden Niedeck (String Duet 13 years & under) – 81
Mattea Maksimous / Scott Roy (String Duet 13 years & under) – 82

Congratulations students and Mrs Davis (string teacher).

Qld Symphony Orchestra performance – Happy Birthday Bernstein

Last Friday a number of our band and string students attended a performance by Qld Symphony Orchestra celebrating Leonard Bernstein’s music. The concert featured Bernstein’s second symphony and a medley of music from West Side Story. It was a lovely day out for the music students to experience professional musicians and seeing and hearing musical instruments played at a high standard. It was also amazing to hear some instruments they had never seen before.

Ebony Hilton, Head of Music

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