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Summer reading challenge – Library News

  • November 23, 2017

Summer reading challenge – Library News

Looking for ways to promote holiday reading? Registrations for the Summer Reading Club will open 1 December 2017. Students are encouraged to participate and supercharge their summer by celebrating sports, games, technology and team spirit. Participants can take part online or by visiting their local library. Children will be able to post book raves, pictures and log their holiday reading online too! The Summer Reading Club site will feature 21 authors and illustrators who have released new titles in 2017–2018. Each author/illustrator will have a profile in the online Celebrity Corner and children will be able to preview selected chapters of their newly released titles.

The online program of activities will also include blogs by Michael Panckridge author of many fast-paced sporty book series (Big Bash, League of Legends, The Clued Up 6) and Laura Seivekingauthor of newly released The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls series. Online competitions for 2017 will include the national registration draw, What Happen’s Next story writing competitions with Jack Heath, a short-story free write, and the Britannica Digital Learning sponsored Game On quiz. Content on the Club site will be ready to view from 1 November 2017. All online competitions will be open from 1 December 2017 through 31 January 2018.

Library returns

Thanks to the College community for assisting with our annual book and device returns. Please note the important dates below and encourage students to return items promptly. Families will be notified of outstanding items via email.

Primary return dates
Prep – Year 6: Library items, including home readers, were due back on Friday 17 November.

Secondary Return Dates
Year 12: Any outstanding items need to be returned promptly.
Years 7 and 8: Books, laptops and chargers are due back Friday 24 November
Year 9: Books, laptops and chargers are due back Tuesday 28 November.
Years 10 and 11:  Books, laptops and chargers are due back Friday 24 November.

Cases must remain on laptops for students in Years 7, 8, 10 & 11.
Cases must be removed for current Year 9 and 12 students prior to returning the laptops, as new devices will be issued for students entering Year 10. The Year 10 2018 cohort will need to present with their hard clip-on case when they collect their laptops in the New Year. Please note all chargers need to be returned without the extension cord.

Book Club special thanks

Book Club Issue 8 items will be arriving at the College shortly to be delivered to students by the end of the term. Many thanks for your valued support of the Scholastic Book Club throughout the year. Your purchases have enabled us to earn an amazing commission to order new titles and increase our library collection. It has also helped to promote a love of reading at GCC. Extra special thanks to the amazing team of volunteers who regularly sort, staple and deliver orders. The time you’ve invested into Book Club has been very much appreciated.

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians

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