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Story Walks have begun

  • May 26, 2020

Story Walks have begun

As you might know, GCC loves reading! It is a passion of ours, staff and students alike. Inspired by this love of reading, we have created a fun lunchtime activity called “Story Walks”. Led by two enthusiastic Year 6 students, Rachel Curtis and Jolie Viet, students can participate in Story Walks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Now what are “Story Walks” you may be thinking, well it involves a picture book being broken up into pages. These pages have then been displayed around the school so that students can walk around the grounds to find a complete story. Students first come to the library to collect a clipboard, pencil and a story walk map. Led by one of our Year 5 Story Walk Tour Guides, students then embark on their story walk adventure looking for pages of the secret story. When the map is completed students pop their story walk map into a box where a map will be drawn out every Friday to reveal a Story Walk Winner.

This was the first week that Story Walks has been opened and what a success it has been so far. Students have loved seeing the beautifully illustrated story book pages brightening our school walls. They have also loved reading the interesting stories that provide humour and intrigue.

Story Walks will continue every week and a new story book will be displayed each Friday ready for students to explore on Monday.

A big thank you goes out to Rachel and Jolie who have done an amazing job in helping set up Story Walks for our students. Also, another big thank you goes out to all the students who have participated in the Story Walks this week and the wonderful student tour guides. Well done everyone!

Sarah Jennings

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