Stage 11 Building Project update – 4 December 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Stage 11 Building Project update – 4 December 2014

  • December 1, 2014

Stage 11 Building Project update – 4 December 2014

Stage 11 of the new building project.  As of late November:

  • We selected the lights and light fittings today.  All lights to be installed are LEDs with 90-95% efficiency, in keeping with the College’s current energy efficiency drive (there will be more initiatives relating to this occurring during the coming school holidays, so stay tuned).
  • Cheryl and Gail have nearly finalised the process of choosing colours in consultation with our Architect.
  • We have continued to refuse requests for installing a café with full-time Barista in the Prep Shed, but we are in the process of arranging water and drainage thereto, which is something at least.
  • The installation of structural steel will commence next Monday 24 November and will run for two weeks until about Monday 8 December.
  • The retaining walls have all been finished and the slab has been poured in sections.
  • The project is currently on schedule, based on the initial programming.
  • We went for a walk on the site and noted that the undercover area connected to and just South of the first classrooms is going to be humongous.

John Dohler, Business Manager

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