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Speedy little legs!

  • June 4, 2019

Speedy little legs!

The Bulldogs’ ovals filled with enthusiastic little runners on the morning of the Prep – Year 2 Cross Country. Tents were ready, families lined the course, the sun shone and with a bang the races began.

Students had been training at school so were ready to race each other and gain valuable points for their houses. The war cries boomed around the oval as the students roared with power almost blowing Mrs Leary over. Sinai were named War Cry Champions with Ararat in second and Zion in third place.

The Preppies ran first and motored around their 1km course. The encouragement for these little ones was amazing and every runner was clapped in to the finish line.

The boys and girls Year 1 races were both very close races with the top three runners having a great battle throughout the race. Bella Ryan, Ella McKenzie and Charlie Logan had a great race but Bella kept the lead throughout. In the boys race, Ethan Jenner lead for most of the race threatening to pass the Year 6 lead runner but in the last 200m (name withheld) summoned all his determination and energy and passed Ethan in the finishing straight.

The Year 2 races were also very competitive showing the exciting talent we have in these young athletes. The Year 2 girls made their lead runner speed up to keep ahead of them as they jostled for the top three places. Bailey James and Charlie Turner had a great battle up front with Bailey winning the race just ahead of Charlie.

The points’ competition was very close with Sinai leading, but only two points separated Sinai and Ararat from the previous Secondary and Upper Primary Cross Country races. The points were very even throughout the P-2 races but Ararat once again prevailed as winners of the Prep – Year 2 Cross Country which secured Ararat as the Overall GCC Cross Country winners for 2019.

It was great to see the determination of all the students as they ran with big smiles on their faces when they passed by the cheering crowd. The thrill of being clapped up to the finish line was a highlight for many and the frozen juicy was so refreshing. Each finisher received a souvenir place certificate and lots of cheers from their house team mates.

Many parents, grandparents and family came to cheer the runners on which was much appreciated by all the students. It’s always great to have such great support from family members.

Placegetters are listed below:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Prep Girls

Annaliese Meredith

Imogen Collins

Tilly Sharma

Prep Boys

Ethan Doyle

Colin Hallink

Brax Lindsay

Year 1 Girls

Bella Ryan

Ella McKenzie

Charlie Logan

Year 1 Boys

Name witheld

Ethan Jenner

Jett Smith

Year 2 Girls

Sophie Doyle

Estelle Collins

Abbie Stevens

Year 2 Boys

Bailey James

Charlie Turner

Connor Bound

Wendy Stott

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