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Sound and Light incursion

  • November 14, 2019

Sound and Light incursion

Freya from Big Bang Educational visited Year 1 to share a workshop with us as part of our studies of light and sound. We all learn new things, even the teachers, and we were all engaged with the talks, the hands-on activities and the sound production sorting at the end. It was so much fun to try making new sounds and to see how sound waves from a tuning fork can create waves in water and tingles on our noses. Under instruction, Mrs Fraser snipped away the length of Freya’s plastic straw instrument to make the sounds change as Freya blew through it. We tried viewing the world through a rainbow lens and playing new instruments. Each child made a UV bead bracelet that can be used to highlight when sunscreen is needed. The beads change colour when in ultraviolet light, from white to a pastel shade. We even heard laser sounds created by using a metal slinky and a cup! 

We joined together to begin the session before each class had an hour session playing with the wonderful things Freya had set out on the tables. Isn’t learning exciting!

Lin Smith, Year 1 Team Leader

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