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Year 6 make a difference

  • November 12, 2019

Year 6 make a difference

This term the Year 6 students were set a challenge as part of their citizenship studies. Each group needed to think of an action that would ‘make a difference’ to their local community. Some groups came up with ideas that would impact the school community and others had ideas that could be implemented locally. Here are a couple more of the projects.

The GCC Cleaner Uppers decided to make a difference by picking up rubbish around the College to make it a better place. We cleaned up a lot of areas such as around the toilet blocks, the OLA, the Kiss and Go area and the bus stop. Together we collected six large bags full of rubbish and that was in only about 45 minutes! At the end of the project, we felt that we made a small impact on the schools rubbish problem and helped keep our environment looking clean. We discovered that the College needs more bins and that we need to encourage people to use bins instead of throwing their rubbish on the ground.

Charlotte, Emily, Hayley, Bryson, Isaak, Dylan G, Chad, Nick J, Millie, Ruby, Caitlin

The MP Recycling Company decided to make a difference by collecting metal bottle tops, ring pulls, bottle caps and bread tags. We found out that these items can be recycled or sold and made into things like robotic arms and wheelchairs. We liked that rubbish can be used for good, so we chose to put boxes around the school and let everyone know that we were collecting. We also talked about it at Chapel so everyone knew what we were doing. You should see how much we’ve collected! At the end of the project, we felt that we had done our project well and feel that we’ve made a difference in society by giving someone a prosthetic arm or a wheelchair.

Laura, Jorja, Robert, Ethan S, Jordan D, Vinn, Isabella W, Summer R, Grace P, Abigail, Oliver, Dylan B

The Plastic Patrol decided to make a difference by helping the environment with its rubbish problem. We chose to go to bins in the College and sort through them. As we were sorting through we would look for bottle caps, cans, milk bottles and popper boxes. We gave the bottle caps to the MP Recycling Company, and with the rest, we decided to turn them in for 10¢. We ended up with $15! All the money that we collect will be sent to our sponsor child Lawrence so that he can have a brighter future. We also worked out that if we did this over a year we could make approximately $2,500. Wouldn’t that make a big difference to Lawrence!

Hunter, Flynn, Dustyn, Wyatt, Alex, Summer B, CJ, Portia, Zach, Ben

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