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Six reasons why I am excited about our new music rooms

  • March 14, 2019

Six reasons why I am excited about our new music rooms

As Principal, there are many reasons why I’m excited about our new music rooms and seeing our music program flourish in the College. As a musician I would recommend every student to consider pursuing their music education further. In the interests of space, I will only mention my top six reasons.

  1. Creating music is fun: Music is fun to listen to but it is elating to be part of the creation process that makes music happen. Whether that be interpreting a piece that has already been composed or creating a piece that you can truly call your own. Our God is a creator and likewise, he has implanted in us the desire to create and to appreciate creativity as a reflection of Him.
  1. Music is a team sport: It is very satisfying to make music on your own but most music is meant to be played with others and that takes the fun to a whole new level. In the same way that I love to see students in team sports, I love to see students making music with each other. It is these unique forums where children learn the benefits of belonging to a team. Together they push towards a goal that is beyond them on their own. They learn to appreciate the diversity of each team member and the special quality that each brings to the team. Students also learn patience, forgiveness, mentorship skills and the great things a team can accomplish. We were created to live in community with each other and this is what being part of a team reflects.
  1. Music is a skill for life: The time to learn is when you are young and then you have a skill for life. When people become adults and have the pressures of adult life their chances of learning to play a musical instrument are very low. Learning music at a young age can lead to a whole host of careers in the performance and production aspects of the craft. There has been many a skilled musician who has put themselves through higher learning by teaching music lessons.
  1. Understanding music helps us appreciate music and opens us up to new possibilities: Music is all around us. There are different styles of music and there are different tastes. Understanding music helps us appreciate music on a whole new level. An appreciation of music also opens your ears to other musical tastes that may stretch beyond the Top 40 on iTunes.
  1. Music is ‘hard fun’: One of the messages that we convey to our students is that everything that is worth achieving only comes through hard work, tenacity and perseverance. I think music is one of the best ways to show the truth of that message. To really play music does not come easy. Any beginner will tell you that and it is difficult to keep motivated when success comes slowly. Mastery of music only comes through dedication and consistent practice. There are no shortcuts. Self discipline is an essential skill for young people who want want to achieve in life.
  1. Music builds confidence: There is some satisfaction in making music in the confines of the bedroom but music, like all performing arts, is meant to be “performed”. That means an audience. This can be scary, but over time performing builds confidence in many other areas in life. Students also learn the importance of preparation to a successful public presentation, which is another important 21st century skill to master. We know that nothing builds self-esteem and confidence like competence. Research shows that young people who are good at something are more confident in themselves. There may be a host of impediments to students finding success in their school work or on the sports field, however, there is enough variety in musical instruments to ensure that anyone can be successful at playing music if their desire to succeed is strong enough.

Did you see the Facebook live tour of the music rooms last Friday? All the furniture is being moved in this week and we plan to have another video of the inside all fitted out for you next week.

This year’s Open Day will be the ideal opportunity for you to see the music rooms in person and you are all invited to participate in the guided tours offered on Saturday 18 May between 10am and 2pm.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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