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Seven ways to have more green, less screen

  • September 14, 2017

Seven ways to have more green, less screen

As you contemplate holidays, I’m sure you are considering how to provide opportunities for your children to be more active. I clearly recall a holiday moment when my children were in upper primary. I proactively issued the edict that for every hour in front of a screen they needed to spend two hours outdoors. A few days into this modus operandi, I discovered the TV on with my children standing outside and looking through the window – ‘hey mum, we’re outside!’.

Here are seven ‘‘less screen’ ideas for you to consider and to complement what we are doing at Glasshouse Christian College.

  1. Put together an Operation Christmas Child box and drop in next term. See this link for more info
  2. Allow a few ‘Science’ experiments in the kitchen – aka making a cake or meal for the family
  3. Visit an elderly family member or friend – chat about their lives and learn some early modern history
  4. Get out the family sewing machine (if you have one) and make some gifts. All Year 7 and 8 students know how to make a bag from the Interior Fashion and Design classes.
  5. Set up a PB (personal best) goal – For example, have your child show you how many pushups they can do in one go – see how much they can improve on it by the end of the two-week break
  6. Raise some seeds into seedlings such as beans, cucumber or corn. (It is surely going to rain again soon). They could be planted into the garden at the end of the holidays.
  7. Collect a few things from the recycle depot and make a Go Kart – Industrial and Design Tech would have given them some skills in this area

2018 Class List arrangements

We have begun planning for 2018. Please email Mrs Vreeling if you have specific concerns for your child as to who it would be better for them to share a class with or students that don’t always help them in class. This information is helpful and will be taken into consideration. However, please also note that there are many factors that play into the decisions around placement of students and the final decision will be made by the school. Please also don’t ask for a specific teacher for your child, these requests should only relate to information about your child and the best grouping with other children.

Middle School Term 4 dates for your calendar

Week 1 Monday (2/10) – Queen’s birthday holiday
Thursday and Friday (5-6/10) – Year 9 Adventurous Journey – overnight camp
Week 2 Tuesday and Wednesday (10 – 11/10) – Parent/Teacher Conferences
Friday (13/10) Middle School Experience Morning (for Year 6 students)
Week 3 Tuesday (17/10) Year 9 Work Experience Information Evening
Week 4 Wednesday (25/10) Sports Awards Night
Friday (27/10) Dance Night
Week 5 Wednesday (1/11) Year 9 Explore Uni Day  and TEDX event
Friday (3/11) Year 7 ‘Survivor Day’ excursion
Week 6 Tuesday (7/11) Awards Night – ALL students MUST attend
Week 8 Tuesday (21/11) Music Gala Night
Wednesday (22/11) Year 7 and 10 Vaccinations
Friday (24/11) – Year 9 Climb Mt Coolum Day
Week 9 Mon – Wed – Middle School Alternative Activities
Thursday (30/11)  Year Level Excursion and Year 9 Celebration Dinner

We wish all our Middle School students and their families a safe, enjoyable, refreshing and much needed break.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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