Senior School News 3 December 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 3 December 2015

  • December 1, 2015

Senior School News 3 December 2015

The past fortnight has been incredibly busy. It was wonderful to see our Year 12s graduate and I’m especially pleased to hear that they are celebrating their graduation and they are safe. We trust that their time at GCC has prepared them to be solid and productive members of society and  leaders within our wider community as well.

Our Year 10 and 11 finished last week. I’m excited by the role our Year 11s will take next year as the College student leaders. The new position of Faith and Community Captains in particular is one that will help shape the culture of the student body. The College Captains and the Faith and Community Captains will be going on a Leadership Training Camp over the holidays and it is anticipated that this will energise them for their roles in 2016.

Finally I wish to take this opportunity to thank the parents of the College.  I know that it is not always easy to partner with us and enforce our standards from home.  As a College we have very high standards and we are unapologetic for this. Whilst it isn’t easy holding our children accountable to these standards, the proof that they help mould these children into fine young men and women was so clearly apparent on the Graduation Assembly.

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your families.

2016 Wednesdays when students are expected at school:

  • 10 February – Secondary Swimming Carnival
  • 23 March – Secondary Cross Country Carnival
  • 25 May – Secondary Athletics Carnival
  • 22 June – Start of the Year 11 camp

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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